About Our Business

Kolo Technologies, Inc. is a fabless company that develops CMUT arrays and
CMUT-based probes.

The CMUT was initially developed at Stanford University in the mid 1990s.  Since
then, extensive research and development efforts have been carried out to
commercialize the CMUT to displace piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers.  
CMUTs are made using silicon micromachining technology which yields better
manufacturing control and easier integration with electronics than the
technologies used to develop piezoelectric transducers.  Yet, while CMUTs
generally have better performance than piezoelectric transducers, particularly for
high frequency designs, there have been issues such as device reliability and
output power that have prevented CMUTs from becoming the dominant
ultrasound transducer technology.  Kolo Technologies has utilized its technical
expertise with microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), integrated circuits, and
ultrasound systems to develop and patent a portfolio of technologies that
address the drawbacks of existing CMUT technology – thus enabling the
successful commercialization of CMUTs.   Kolo Technologies is the only
company that can manufacture CMUT-based transducers based solely on its
own IP.  Kolo is now collaborating with several ultrasound system companies to
develop transducers and probes for use with existing systems.  In addition, Kolo
is developing transducers to enable new uses of ultrasound that will improve the
diagnostic and treatment ability of physicians and expand the ultrasound system
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